Runners Information

The Ruck Challenge Rules and Teams Information

The course begins at the American Legion Norco Post 328 located at 3888 Old Hamner Rd. Norco Ca 92860.
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1. The team must register and pay the registration fee per person for this event by March 15th, 2024 at 12:00pm. Includes breakfast and lunch.

2. Team must consist of 3 members

3. Each team must carry an average of 45 pounds per male or 30 pounds per female For Example: 3 men carry a total of 135 pounds; 1 men and 2 women carry a total of 105 pounds

4. The weight may be distributed among the team in any way among the members For Example: A 3 man team may have 1 members carry 15 pounds and the other 2 carry 50 pounds each

5. The team time will consist of the slowest team member time for the team. For Example: a team with finish times of 1:20, 1:22, 1:24, and 1:26, will have a time of 1:26.

6. Each team will supply their own rucks and weights which will be both weighed before and after the race Upon successful registration, the team name and members will appear under the “Teams” section below.

Weight Rules:

  • Individual 5K or 10K Rucks
    • Male 45 lbs.
    • Female 30 lbs
  • 15K combo ruck – Individual
    • Male 45 lbs,
    • Female 30 lbs
  • 3- Person Team Ruck:
    • Male Team 135 lbs,
    • Female Team 105 lbs,
    • Co-ed team must be #Males * 45 lbs + # Females *35 lbs = total for that team-
    • Weight can be distributed in any way across team, but total must match the calculations.



The Ruck Challenge is directed towards law enforcement and other governmental agencies within the Inland Empire. Additional teams may apply and be considered. Full discretion for additional teams rests with The Challenge Committee. The Ruck Challenge Committee welcomes the following registered teams:

  • Teams will be listed here soon!

  • Teams will be listed here soon!